Anyone hear about

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29 May 11 04:42:34 pm
Just came across this site

Any ideas


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29 May 11 06:49:02 pm
Hi sameer555,

This supplier is based in China, sorry but you can't get genuine, branded electronics from this country. The site was just recently created - November 2010, and they don't allow any safe payment methods. Do not buy from this site.

Let us know if you need further help. :)


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15 Jul 11 02:16:01 pm
Too bad I didn't hear about before I did the following-

Two weeks ago I sent tradeboxs $480 via western union (a blatant red flag I missed) for an Acer laptop computer (see below). Since that time I have received zero communication with them, just a phony order number. My account says it was shipped but no tracking number (as they promise).
I know I just got scammed and I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent guy - but I fell into their trap.

Their web site is extensive and professional. It is astounding the lengths they have gone to in order to steal innocent "customers" money. These are soulless people.

I have never done any business directly with a China based business....I learned the hard way.

Tradeboxs has all kinds of credit card logos and PayPal logos plastered all over their site but once you try to check out you’ll find that PP and CC's are not an option. I tried several times to have them allow me to pay with my PayPal account and they had a hundred excuses. I eventually gave in and sent my payment via western union....very stupid of me.

Looking back I can't believe I fell for it. Why would they sell me (or anyone) a new laptop for $480 that sells for $680 on Amazon? STAY WAY from they are scammers, crooks and thieves.

I will follow Irene's advice and NEVER buy electronics from China.

FYI: Here is the link to the computer I was burned on:
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