Anyone traded on

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21 May 07 10:08:30 am
any 1 traded on Link hidden: Login to view
i want to buy from a seller worldexport but i cant find out how u can research the seller and i have seen many bad trades on about bad purchses on the site?
be great to hear back from ny1 :) :)

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21 May 07 10:23:30 am
That site has alot of rippoffreports but they also close thousands and thousands of auctions per year.

Most reports are because the buyer did not read the details of the auctions specifically. Most people just read the titel and the small description. They dont read the condition of the item which is the reason that most compliants are made. And they dont calculate shipping costs.

Just because you can buy 1200 pairs of shoes for $2,000 doesnt mean your gonna get them shipped to you for 50 bucks. It could cost up to $2,400 just to ship them to you.

Just read the specifics very closely

There are many buyers here. They will respond to this post with thier advise for a safe transaction. Some have problems but most buy from them regularly with no problems at all.

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21 May 07 07:02:04 pm
i have never had a problem with them, you have to read the full discription of what your buying to make sure you getting what you want. most of the electronics are returns or salvaged, it is great for clothes and jewery. always get a shipping quote, remember it is a quote and it can chage. just read it and you should be fine, i have always gotten my items with 5-7 days of the payment. they always ship through ups frieght unless it is something small. but they are good to work with, never had a problem and i buy a lot from them.


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