Apparel/Football Boots and Manufacturer for Life Saving Device [HK Preferred] - Supplier Needed

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26 Dec 10 04:16:40 pm
Hi SaleHoo members,

After discussing with my father we have a new product that we would like to turn from a fantasy into a reality. It is a life saving device, we have never dealt with chinese factories before but obviously we would require a Non Disclosure Agreement and all royalties and designs belonging to us if the product was designed by a Chinese companies engineers then we would give them a percentage of the royalties.

So who would be wise in contacting for such a risky small section of China (I'm thinking more HK then China)

Also in the mean time I was wondering if there are any suppliers that we allow you to put your own logo on products without such a Large MOQ. I am interested in designing a new bag as well as my own clothing label.

We have ideas to pursue football boots similar to Nike except very different so we won't get sued for copying any nike designs. Thinking of having custom molded boots, If I can get it all arranged like I've dreamt of it.

-Custom Fit Shoes

Any assitance would be great as most of my research has discovered lots of loop holes and fraud/fake companies.

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27 Dec 10 08:18:14 am
Hi bcurko,

I've been searching for suitable manufacturers since his morning but so far I have not managed to find any. Will post a list once I can gather ones that will fit your needs.

Great brainstorming by the way!

Cheers :)


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27 Dec 10 09:00:52 am
Hi richelle,

Thanks for the reply in regards to suppliers they don't have to be Chinese or HK based as long as the quality is of high standard and pricing and terms are negotiable.

Cheers brenton


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