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1 Sep 18 11:14:42 am
How can SaleHoo list this company as a supplier for
Drop shipping? They are retailers with a massive warehouse of their own. They buy in bulk FROM the manufacturers and will price match anyone. How is a small business supposed to compete with that? It’s like going to Walmart and asking if they do dropshipping. It’s ridiculous that you even list them here as a supplier. I have seen few true manufacturers listed in your directory that can actually offer a wholesale price for the small start up businesses here trying to open an ecommerce store.
It’s just one retail business after another calling themselves a supplier. Really disappointed in the quality of the leads.

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3 Sep 18 04:27:31 am
Hi Norma,

There is a difference between Wholesale and Drop-ship suppliers. We have a very strict authentication process to approve suppliers for entry into the SaleHoo Directory. However, we don't compare prices and supplier prices can very quickly change overnight by either going up or down.

Rather, we verify them as a legitimate supplier and members can then make the choice who they wish to deal with based on their own specific requirements.

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31 May 19 05:37:30 pm
ncl7_2000 is 1000% correct. I have been diligently researching vendors and products for over a month now and ALL are complete retailers. I can literally go on Amazon and buy these products for less than what these supposed "wholesalers" are offering price wise. Furthermore, you are competing directly with these vendors online as they all sell direct to the public via their own Amazon/ eBay accounts! This service is a complete joke and I was totally duped. I want a full refund.

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6 Jun 19 11:34:39 pm
Hi Todd! You have to note that the prices you see on the suppliers' website are actually retail prices. They usually have a separate price list for resellers so it's important that you contact them directly and inquire about their wholesale/dropshipping rates.

There are other great avenues to sell the suppliers' items as well, not necessarily directly competing with them. Checkout these alternatives here: Link hidden: Login to view


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