Are prices on supplier's websites reflective of wholesale prices?

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17 Jul 12 09:57:38 am
I'm new to salehoo, and just started to skim through several beauty and cosmetics suppliers. To begin with, I look at their websites and find that the listed prices are actually higher than retail prices (prices at department stores or at the official stores/stands). An example is Jurlique skincare. Also, I find that other things are also selling at very little discount (10-15%) like Essie nail polish, OPI nail polish and much more.

I'm a little confused about this because how can we resell things that are bought above retail prices? Or are these prices not reflective of wholesale prices.

Any help appreciated. Thanks :)

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17 Jul 12 10:17:11 am
In most situations any prices listed as a per unit price will not be wholesale. Buying wholesale means buying in volume, and suppliers will not be able to provide you with a price until they know what volume you will be purchasing in.

If you are looking at prices based on X amount = $Y, then they will be MOQ wholesale amounts.

You have to watch out when comparing what you perceive to be a retail price in another store. The product may be being reduced to clear, it may be on special or there may be other factors at work that will explain the product is in fact cheaper than buying from the supplier themselves.

Easiest thing to do, just contact the supplier and discuss your requirements with them. They will then be able to provide you with a clear price.

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18 Jul 12 01:51:48 pm
Hi DH89,

Marc's right, you can get wholesale prices if you call the supplier directly and talk to them about your business and what you want to achieve. And the best way to get wholesale prices is to buy in bulk.

The wholesale price can vary from supplier to supplier and it always depends a lot on how much you order at a time. The price you will be quoted for an order of 200 units will be a lot cheaper than an order for 30. And because of competition, seldom you will see wholesale pricing published on the suppliers' website.

Let us know if you need more help.



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