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15 Jan 10 11:06:08 pm
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to warn everybody about this site Link hidden: Login to view they are fraudulent site !!!

I know everybody is looking for cheap Wii's and Playstation's and they had acceptable deals plus they had Paypal as an option to pay. So i trusted them and bought just a cheap 6.80$ PC Game as a tester product. Thank God!!

Never received the game and my order still shows in Process, i have sent several emails with no response which is typical in Scammers, so i open a dispute with Paypal.

Now they don't offer electronic any more on there website as of today, just clothes, bags and jewelery etc.. which has been copied from this original site Link hidden: Login to view

Notice if you want to order a pair of jean on the Scam site you can't choose the size of jeans, that is a big RED flag. Same for all of the Clothes and Shoes. It's really strange that Paypal hasn't closed there account.

Just wanted to warn everybody.
Have a great evening!

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15 Jan 10 11:48:21 pm
Thanks for the heads up sg, always appreciated by all!

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21 Jan 10 11:10:50 pm
Awesome! Another vendor to avoid, I love Salehoo......

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21 Jan 10 11:37:01 pm
Thanks sweet_girl56! One down and a few more thousands to go...


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28 Jan 10 06:42:15 am
Yeah tell me about it ' few more thousands to go..' WOW!!

I can't believe how many scammers there are out there, sense I've been in the business I've been way more aware of it now. Even somebody tried to scam my Ebay and paypal account on Ebay!! Unbelievable.

Well Paypal wasn't able to recover my $6.80 but at least there website has been shut down. Maybe i was just the one that did the difference of shutting this scammer down with my complaints.

If we stick together we can at least help each other from being scammed from these losers.

Another Down, YEAH !!!!!


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