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16 Nov 15 01:11:03 pm
Hello Forum

I'm curious if any Salehoo members have ever opened up an online Web Store with ATS Distribution Ltd? (who are of course in the Salehoo Directory). I'm asking because I opened up a Store with them on the 1st November (which cost me £79), and so far I haven't had one single customer. I'm naturally disappointed and would welcome the views of any other members with similar experiences. I was told by Technical Support at ATS that all Web Stores come with high quality SEO which I find to be a somewhat incredulous statement, since as far as I'm aware, nobody has even visited my Store. ATS even want to charge me an additional £10 a month for the maintenance of my Store, but quite frankly I can't see the point in paying out even more money for what amounts to a very bad investment in the first place. All comments are welcome.

Thank you

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17 Nov 15 09:54:59 am
Hi James,

This type of e-commerce platform is a very convenient option, and as such makes it quite popular with a lot of people. The big problem is that most simply rely on the SEO these types of suppliers provide to do the marketing job for them and drive traffic straight to the door. This unfortunately is rarely ever enough to do the job effectively.

Marketing these types of e-commerce platforms is every bit as important as marketing any other type of platform. You really do still need to put your own marketing strategy into play to drive traffic. Simply relying on their marketing strategies to product sales is usually a recipe for disaster. You end up in a cycle of paying the monthly fees for zero sales.

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