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4 Aug 07 05:48:01 am
i came across this website they claim to be a dropshiper any one had promblems with this site?

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4 Aug 07 06:06:41 am
This site is just a copy of another site. Its a resellable template for another company that sells websites to people to sell more of thier own products.

The real site has tons more products then the one your asking about

If you want the lowest prices on the same items goto.

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7 Aug 07 11:36:34 pm
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This site is the same as
They are legit, but they are a nightmare to deal with when there is an error. They change their prices without telling and you get screwed because you sold it on eBay. They are slow to ship anything. They false advertise and will not concede to their mistake. When there is a problem, they tend to delay the respond for days and they respond with incomplete answers and u send them back another Q and that is another 3-4 days with another incomplete answer, creating alot of frustration with the customers, and u end up with negative feedback, u have to pay for phone support. I can go on an on about them.

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8 Aug 07 07:29:57 am
Everyone considering dropsipping any products should take real careful notice of what blvonline has written. Dropshipping is not always the answer to a sucsesful online business. You have to remember that you are not in control when dropshipping, and when things go wrong...and they will sooner or later...YOU WILL COP THE BRUNT OF IT FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS!

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