and JK Perfume - buyer beware!

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21 Oct 06 02:34:05 am

I purchased jewelry off of, one ring I sold on Ebay, as soon as I sold it the stone fell out. Also, I sold two more diamond gold rings on Ebay. The man took them to Macy's to test their quality. I described them exactly as Bidz did in their auction. Both had lower quality diamonds than described and one said it was 10K WG, it was lower than 10K.

I contacted Bidz on both these items. Bidz never responded about the stone falling out. The other rings they told me they would refund IF I got an appraisal showing they were incorrectly described. OK, the rings both cost total $180, I'm going to pay $150 to get them appraised...nice...

ANOTHER Scammer, on is JK Perfume. He claims to sell designer authentic fragrances. He sent me fakes and of course I paid money wire...I was naive beginner then... I contacted Alibaba and they said well you do not really have proof that he sold you fakes or that he did not tell you they were fakes. Although his website showed all designer pictures. Alibaba told me I would need to file a lawsuit against him and if they sided for me then they would kick him off of Alibaba. OK, I am going to sue someone in China...

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23 Oct 06 04:52:01 pm
its obvious bidz is a bit shady, the prices they say the Jewlery is worth is a bit exagerated..

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28 Oct 06 10:53:52 pm
Has anyone else bought from

I just bought 4 pieces for about $50 + Shipping.

I bought 3 rings and a braclet. As soon as I get them I will let you guys know how everything checks out.

I understand that sometimes a purchase goes bad, however I dont think 1 purchase is indicative of the company as a whole.

Any other feedback on would be appreciated.

Happy Selling!


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2 Nov 06 03:08:25 am
Yes, I purchased from them. 2 watches, 1 engagement ring and a mens bracelet. the watches look kind of cheap, the Bracelet that I got for 15.00 was a great buy and the Ring for 260.00 was a good buy considering for the same quality at a low end store(Wal-Mart,etc) would have sold for around 500.00.

What I noticed is that most stuff on there is cheap but at times the have a cycle of good quality stuff, you just have to keep watching it.

Also try I recieved some items from there and happy so far. I even purchased automatic garbage cans for 40.00 and sen them in stores for 89.00


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11 Nov 06 03:34:34 am
I bought from Bidz once, but it was to get a free iPod from a gift site, which I got. It does seem kinda shady. As for the one on Alibaba, you should just never use western union or bank transfer, especially to China.

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30 Mar 07 03:44:22 pm
I bought 4 watches from Bidz. Two of them are lovely, one is OK, and one is horrible (looked much worse than in the photo). All of them came boxed with the manufacturers' warranty etc, and were nicely presented.

In retrospect, I probably wouldn't buy these watches again - not because they were defective (they're perfectly fine) and not because they weren't reasonably priced. Mainly because they were the first things I ever bought to sell (haven't put them up in auction yet, but will after easter), and I didn't really grasp at that stage just how competitive a marketplace ebay is. Just because you get something for a fraction of the price doesn't mean that somebody else is necessarily going to want to bid on that item and buy it from you. So now, what with the high cost overseas postage, I now know I'll be lucky to break even and get my money back, let alone make a profit.

I suppose if that's the extent of my newbie mistakes, then I haven't much to complain about....

Mind you - I don't know about rings. I haven't bought any of them from Bidz. However, from what I've seen in TV news reports, etc, this sort of misrepresentation of the quality of diamonds isn't limited to Bidz.

Claws on diamond rings can be tricky. They need to be serviced every 12 months or so and are pretty expensive to get serviced (so my mother tells me, which is why she doesn't wear hers much now). Claws can get caught on things and stones can fall out. I had to replace my blue topaz in one of my rings about 2 years after I bought it - looked down and it was gone. But they shouldn't be falling out if the thing is brand new before it's worn!!!!


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