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Bigjimswholesale.com - Beware!

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15 Apr 08 10:07:31 pm
I purchased, site unseen a supposed assortment of digital cameras (to many to post pictures on their site or even answer simple questions about them) Led to believe perhaps closeout 2 to 3 mp type low end closeout actual cameras. I ordered 2 other items also. The 'cameras' were shipped with the sunglasses yet I paid for expensive shipping on both(they did not promise any different but would not allow for consolidating shipping when ordering)

The cameras that showed up were 7 or 8 year old left over pen cameras low res camera about 250K. My cost with shipping 152.00 Value less than 50.00

My fault for thinking they would actually sell me something I could make money on. In their heyday you could buy the pen cameras for about 9.99.

The Sunglasses I ordered were described as presorted but actually came as Assorted.

I am dreading the outcome of the purses ordered.

I filled out a helpdesk ticket on the 8th of April and have not had a response. I e-mailed support for help and they referred me back to fill out a helpdesk ticket. I filled out another ticket today.

In browsing through their 'specials' on electronics I did price comparisons and found I could purchase them cheaper at walmart or other various online stores.

I continue to look for reputable wholesalers.

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22 Apr 08 06:59:04 pm
I received a e-mail finally from A2Zimporters Alphaonesourcing, They finally got me an RMA, Turns out their return policy is 30 percent restocking fee. I am sure they will only credit me the left over to by from their site.

My suggestion: Do not fall for the descriptions I did not think I would get rich on what they seemingly promised but from their descriptions I felt I would be able to make a few dollars per Item. No Such Luck. I would not even feel comfortable giving them away.

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22 Apr 08 09:01:07 pm
I've said this time and time again. Always do your research BEFORE you buy..This means that you especially need to find out what type of quarantees and return policy the company has...

The reason for this is just what happened above. The customer was not satisfyied with the product and returned it but got stuck with a large restocking fee...

Alot of companies charge a very large re-stocking fee...25-35 percent...This 'fee' normally covers what the company actually paid for the product..Then in addition they not only recover their cost of the product, but get the product back to re-sell over again..It's a win-win situation for them....

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9 Jun 09 12:58:22 am
BigJim is a good guy... known him since 1999 he is truly a good guy!

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10 Jul 09 07:07:34 am
Well, if he's a good guy, why does he sell junk to other good guys?

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer
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10 Jul 09 08:04:00 am
If you are buying an assortment of something without a picture or description of exactly what your getting then what you receive is your own fault. Buying an assortment is like buying a mystery bag. You don't know what your getting until you open it up. This was copied directly from their site 'This is a potluck get what you get sale.... Please no model requests or megapixel requests.' It seems that this site consist mostly of low grade flea market items anyway so I am not sure why you were expecting anything other than what you received. The return policy is also stated clearly right there on the site Link hidden: Login to view

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