hip hop jewellery supplier - Don't buy from them

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3 Jun 07 12:43:55 pm
Please be careful of buying from

A few months ago, I ordered 2 watches from them for gifts, with the thought that if they were good I'd order a larger amount to sell, as they had some nice looking, reasonably priced watches in their online store.

After paying via Paypal, I received one email saying that they would be sent within 48 hours, and that delivery to my country would be about 2 weeks.

I sent a letter inquiring about them after 4 weeks. No reply. I let another 3 weeks go by and sent another inquiry, this time asking (reasonably) that I be given some reason for the delay or my money refunded if the order could not be completed. No reply.

I let this go 1 or 2 weeks and then filed a dispute with Paypal, who dutifully sent this guy an email notifying that there was a dispute. No reply to either them or him within 18 days. I then escalated it to a claim. Paypal has just concluded their deliberation, ruling in my favour, and they are now in the process of getting my money refunded.

The guy running this store had absolutely no intention of sending me anything but every intention of keeping the money. And I'm crossing my fingers that even Paypal will be able to get anything back from him. There was only one email address, so it wasn't like I was sending to an autoresponder or anything like that. And he couldn't even be bothered to respond to them, either.

I initially tried this company because another member had mentioned it on the forum, but please - anybody who is interested in buying hip hop jewellery and watches, don't risk dealing with this guy. I'm just lucky that I only ordered USD$29.00 and not a great big amount. Might as well buy a lottery ticket as buy merchandise off this guy - at least that way you've got a slim chance of getting something back in return......

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4 Jun 07 03:19:15 am = Scam company.

Add to the red-flag database immediately I've heard of them.

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