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8 Jul 06 05:49:50 am
Has anyone done any business with butterflyphoto, I was looking into purchasing a new big screen lcd tv and they seem to have the best prices that I have found, even lower than ebay? If you have done business let me know how it went or if there is a better site out there please let me know as I am new to this. Thanks everyone!!

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9 Jul 06 01:22:35 am
Problem with butterflyphoto.com


So my girlfriend wanted me to order a camera for her, so I ordered a Pentax Optio S5i from butterflyphoto.com (using her name, address and CC# of course) on December 31st, 2004. The usual problem I've read about; the shipping address and billing address are different, so they called her and asked her if they should send it to her billing address (along with upselling her a memory card). So she agreed, and purchased the memory card.

January 4th, she received the package at her house -- her grandfather signed for it. We come back home today, January 7th, and she opens the package. She opens the box, and well, everything is inside -- the battery, connection cables, manuals, even the extra memory card. The only thing that's missing is the camera itself. On the top of the box, as well as the sides of the box reads the word 'NO.'

This is an extremely frustrating thing to think about, and I honestly need help on what to do. I tried to call them (we're in California), but they're closed until Sunday, and I intend to call them as soon as they open. In the mean time, what should I do?


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