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Can you trust DHGate Suppliers?

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21 Mar 08 05:20:21 pm
Can any Salehoo member tell me if they have bought jewelry from a reputable supplier on DHGate? I am only interested in genuine gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Many of the suppliers advertising on DHGate claim they sell genuine jewelry, yet when I read testimonials from buyers they clearly are not selling the real thing but fake jewelry.

Any one successfully bought REAL jewelry from China and lived to tell the tale. Would love to hear from you.

Many thanks.

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28 Mar 08 05:21:34 pm
i have done some transactions with dhgate and it's ok but be carefull if you think they sell genuine gold , i will say everything they sell is not genuine in my opinion ......

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28 Mar 08 08:34:03 pm
this is a duplicate thread why?

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31 Mar 08 01:36:19 pm
mm i will say yes ... but everbody has different expiriences.....

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13 Jun 12 11:10:04 am
hi there, DH gate is just a plaftform as same as Aliexpress/ioffer, it is just a place where people can sell and buy, just be careful if you want to buy real silver/gold pieces when the item is incredible cheap.


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13 Jun 12 07:01:31 pm
As Nick has said, never make the mistake of focusing on DH Gate themselves when it comes to trust issues. They are just a directory of business's, and you'll find goo and bad suppliers there.

Focus your research on the actual supplier you are wanting to do business with that you find on DH Gate, not on DH Gate themselves when it comes to any products.

Mark (fudjj)

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3 Jul 12 09:20:32 pm
I have dealt with them for the past 5 years all I can say is do your research
check out the suppliers back round and how many good and bad comments have been posted about the seller if you are going to buy a large Quantity of any product always buy a sample so you don't get burned if the product is not what you wanted over all I would rate them at 75%


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