Chinagrabber - are they trustworthy?

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17 Aug 11 12:07:29 pm

I recently purchased 2 sets of headphones from as samples. They were advertising them as Pioneer Headphones and it was quite clear when they arrived that the workmanship on these headphones was poor.

I did a little more research and have found that these samples are in fact fakes. I emailed Chinagrabber about the issue, asking about the items and their quality and authenticity. I also sent some pictures of what I received and also pics of the real thing. I was contacted by a person named Amy and she was kind enough to offer me a refund upon return of the headphones, however, her response to my query regarding real or fake was that "it is hard to verify"

What i'd like to know is if they are trustworthy and reliable if I decide to send the headphones back - Will they honor the refund? Has anyone here on Salehoo had to deal with Chinagrabber in such a way before?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help


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17 Aug 11 12:21:17 pm
It's obvious that 90% of the stuff coming from chinese wholesalers is fake. You always have to make some questions before purchasing their products and ask yourself if it is possible that you can have such good prices. It seems a dream and in most of the cases it remains a dream.

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17 Aug 11 12:26:34 pm
Quite true SirXyron but some other posts I have read on salehoo about chinagrabber is that they don't sell fakes, instead they sell non-branded items. When I came across these on their site I was willing to give them a go and only purchase samples. Lucky i did!

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18 Aug 11 12:24:30 am
Hi Cdog,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You're right, they are ideally suppose to sell non-branded products. While we investigate further on the issue we have temporarily removed them from the directory.

This should not affect your refund, but we just want to make sure that nothing of the sort happens again.

We'll be sure to let you know how things turn out. All the best! :)


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