Chinavasion? - Bluetooth and cell phones?

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17 Apr 07 10:16:53 am
I am new to the boards as you can see by my number of posts and was curious if anyone has dealt directly with Chinavasion, particularly with their Bluetooth phone sets and cell phones. Is the company reliable and ship you the actual products or just a cheaper import? Any input is appreciated.

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17 Apr 07 04:00:53 pm
I have ordered mp3 players before from chinavasion and they worked perfectly. There shipping prices are can choose from about 4 different couriers i.e. DHL, Fedex etc. They also come with a tracking number which is good....the main thing is they are safe and a good company to purchase from.

Hope that helps.


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18 Apr 07 01:42:41 pm
I'm new to importing and I would like to know about import duty/taxes when importing from china. What is the most, in percentage, I would have to pay when order from companies such as Chinavasion or DH Gate?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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19 Apr 07 04:02:08 pm
I'm so new to importing I could use a personal coach. I'm presently in Afghanistan for about 9 more months. I'm hoping to learn what companies to buy wholesale on plasma tv's, laptop & all electronic items as well as other things as well.
I plan on putting up a great website & not really sure about this whole EBAY thing or not.
I can use any pointers & tips any of you pros have to offer. My private e-mail is Link hidden: Login to view My room # here is 540.542.1856 It's like a stateside call & our phones are routed through Virginia. You may get my voicemail. But I'd gladly call you back. Now I'm about 10.5 hours ahead of CST. So that could be a problem.

I have this so BIG AMERICAN Dream to build a very profitable online business. That I can't waiot to get started. I know this is a vast market out there & theres plenty of biz for everyone. I just need some mentoring.
I'm in the process of building my website. And I'm sure the url is going to be Link hidden: Login to view I've had that name trademarked for years. So If any of you can offer me some advice on getting started without wasting ALOT of money! PLEASE help!!
I'm from the south & believe in retrurning favors BIG -TIME.
Guy M. Brinker


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