CHINAVASION fraudulent shipping charges for low quality products

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23 Jan 11 06:15:36 am
Very long story but i will be brief and to the point.
they charge 77$ for a 67 ounce product that they sell for 20$.
I have a huge account with fedex in shenzen China, where they are located.
I deliberately purchased the watch and had it weighed at the fedex complex and was told that the most fedex would ever charge for that item was 26$.
I confronted them about it in their web chat for a period of one month.
Spoke to a Monty, Ray, Mac, Michelle, and a John...all told me the exact same line.
"We will notify our shipping team about it, its a website problem technical issue, we will fix it within 24 hours and email you"
One month no email.
Call again, same line.
I then showed them that i actually have a fedex account in Mainland, and that fedex agreed to pickup my orders through MY account and charge me accordingly, and they refused to do business with me under those terms...Fishy.
All the other companies i deal with including ankaka have this arrangement with me.
If you are a home based business trying to earn a few dollars, stay away from Chinavision. You will pay for example 77$ shipping one a pair of Pink Slippers.
Please do NOT take my word for it, INVESTIGATE...go to their website, and in search button type pink slippers, then checkout...after you see how ridiculous the shipping is, use the chat tab and watch what they tell you.
Its a scam and they are profiteering agents trying to make a huge markup on relatively cheap and badly manufactured products.

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23 Jan 11 04:47:28 pm
Hi twentytwelve,

I tried purchasing a watch from Chinavasion just this moment, and the FedEx rate from China to Corvallis, Oregon is $17.73. I also searched for the pink slippers (was led to the USB heating slippers) but they cannot be purchased with a single pair, minimum order is 4 pairs.

Kindly try their site once again, the rates you had previously seen could be a technical glitch as they claimed, and they seem to be working now. If you continue to have the same problem, please send us a screenshot and we will investigate.

Take care. :)


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23 Jan 11 09:00:19 pm
You do raise a very important issue twentytwelve, but as Irene has suggested, give it another try and see if the problem has been sorted. A lot of people use Chinavision as a supplier, and a lot of them make money from their products, so I suspect that it was a glitch myself, but stranger things have happened lol.

The one constant that I always hear about Chinavision is that their customer service isn't very sharp, so no great surprise for me to hear that they didn't email you as they said. The thing that really concerns me is if this was just a glitch, the amount of time it seems to have taken to correct it!

Probably a good time to hear from other members who use Chinavision, anyone else found shipping issues like this over the past 30 odd days?

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