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16 Mar 11 02:51:40 am
Hi All

After using Chinavasion for close to a year, I have completely had it up to the neck with there inconsistency, product fault rate and the ability to shaft their customers and hide behind there fake T&C's.

We have got to the stage where a cell phone was purchased for one of our customers with the specifications from what was stated on Chinavasion's listing was checked to ensure the product would work in our customers country.

After further tests after customer complaint, before product was return to chinvasion, the misleading information by Chinavasion was confirmed by our tech team.

The product did not work to the specification they stated on the listing and are excepting no responsibility for the item to replaced, refunded, or compensated in any way.

Chinavasion also promised refunds were going to be made in chat transcripts which they are now are not seeming to honor.

We are now appointing our company lawyers to take this matter further as our company purchased a phone from Chinavasion and sold the item to us under false pretenses with misleading information under the consumer guarantees Act

We at present are asking for all members and staff to come forward with any and all information they would like to share on the experiences with Chinvasion.

We thank you for your support.

Kind Regards

Cody Mitchell
Cozziemomo NZ

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17 Mar 11 01:44:41 pm
We had the same horrible experience with this company. We received complaints and returns about almost every order. It's a shame because they have a right idea, right product, just very bad quality.

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17 Mar 11 09:40:54 pm
It's a strange one.

I know members who have used Chinavision for years, and continue to because they are very happy. Then I hear these types of things where they seem to have dropped the ball altogether.

Will be interesting to read other's experiences when dealing with them, as I know a lot of our members do use them.

Mark (fudjj)

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