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Chinese companies got my money and never sent me products..n

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10 Oct 08 05:07:44 am
Hello everyone,

3 months ago I sent $500 to Kartechy international in China for playstation lens and she always reply that she still can not find the products. I sent the money by western Union and she said she would send me the products right away, but 3 months now and she still did not sent me anything. She does not want to give me my money back. Any ideas how to get my money back? I found this supplier on Link hidden: Login to view ...please watch out.

Also a month ago I sent $760 by western union to another company Link hidden: Login to view and he also said he would send me right away, but after he got the payment he never reply to my e-mails. His phones are fake. I found him on Link hidden: Login to view . I notify made-in-china and removed his post but still I can not get my money. I have his western union account info and bank info. Any ideas what to do?


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10 Oct 08 06:08:12 am
Unfortunately you are really limited as to what you can do now, other than to learn by your experience.

Two things you should never do when dealing with Chinese companies, never pay with Western Union because you will be waving goodbye to your money really quickly, and never try and buy authentic brand name items.

It doesn't mater what the seller tells you, they will not be genuine, they will only be fakes!

It's going to be an expensive lesson for you unfortunately, but you're not the only one. So many people loose money this way, just learn the lesson and move forward.

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Oct 08 06:32:03 am
Below is the information of the seller that is a scam and gets payments without sending any out:

His Bank and Western Union information is below. Also attached is the invoice and western union receipt:

2. Bank Information
Beneficiary institution BANK OF CHINA SHENZHEN BRANCH
Swift BKCH CN BJ 45A
Payee First name: YONGHONG
Last name: PENG
Ben’s account 477-2755-01880-562160
Ben’s telephone 0086-15815535315
Address 'Futian District,Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. China

Post Code 518128

our company”s western union details:
First name: YONGHONG
Last name: PENG
Country: CHINA
Post Code 518128

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17 Oct 08 03:18:25 am
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Also read alibaba forums,some company in china listed in the forums about what you can do.
Also you will find other posts from companies who scammed someone.If on alibaba they are on all the other websites like
made-in-china and the others.
Its better to meet the company in person.You say how thats EXPENSIVE.Its like this,if your buying say 8gb memory thumb sticks and the price is 8.00usd for one which is a bunch of crap because you cant buy just one for 8.00$ what they do is have 1gb and 2gb and less memory sticks and set it up to manipulate microscoft..yor copmputer will be fooled into thinking you have 8gb and it really isnt.Ebay probally has tons of sticks on its site like this and owner and buyer dont even know it.Anyways if your going to china meet owner and buy, send your merchandise ahead, back to your home country.Carry on what you can when you fly back home.Your trip is paid for Plus.You can find tickets round trip to china for 900 usd and less.If you been scammed by a company feel free to post on Link hidden: Login to view (FREE) just State what product you was buying what country it was from.

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17 Oct 08 06:54:14 am
This is just one vasriable to my decision to boycott all chinese products....its harder than a weekold vegemite sandwich to communicate to them the validity of using a reputable door to door international shipping company instead of their cheap shipping methods of slowboating from china....which they say is 'cheaper for you'...this is if your importing goods from china to your doesnt go smoothly and sits inside hot containers if it tries to arrive at all.....all the while you've got to hire dhl or ups or fedex to pick it up at the docks and bring it inland....costing twice as much as you thought just to ship it to the states.......i dont know about you zealanders but a chinese dropshipper is, on the other side of the coin.....just as stupid a move....PLEASE DONT SEND ANYONE ACROSS AN OCEAN BODY OF WATER A WESTERN UNION PAYMENT WITHOUT A HIGH DEGREE OF DUE DILIGENCE...


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