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DBL Distributing?? Let me know your experiences

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2 May 07 09:30:37 pm
Just sent in all paperwork for them as you know you have to have a tax id # to get signed up. I will be doing dropshipping with them for now then when revenue gets up a bit maybe start doing some bulk purchases for resale. Let me know what you all think for the ones that use dbl.


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3 May 07 06:27:41 am
I use them but only for personal use.And they have been awesome. I dont personally find a use in risking losses on electronics and higher dollar items. There is so much credit card fraud and scams going on with new electronics I would rather loos a few bucks on a small value sale then a $150 -$4,000 item.

I recommend them because they live up to thier rep and they are an excellent company with superior support and speed.

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14 May 07 11:18:38 pm
they are good, i haven't had a problem with them either. they are a bit higher compared to others, so i don't think you can ebay a lot of the products but if you hve a decent retail front it would be good, since they give you suggested wholesale and retail pricing.


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