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29 Jul 08 01:08:05 am
I'm getting ready to make a purchase with someone who has a score of 198 on DHGate, it's a bundle that I have to buy and it will be more then 1k.

I have read the dhgate thread, but i'm feeling kind of nervous with dhgate and using paypal.

Any more suggestions on what to ask? He does have item on hand and I do know item is a fake, but do people from here ship broken stuff or used stuff?

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29 Jul 08 04:01:34 am

I haven't bought from DHgate for ages but have previously bought from a number of different sellers on the site.

The beauty of DHgate is though you pay straight away via paypal, the funds are NOT given to the seller until you have received and approved the goods etc .. There is a good process to go through ...

I have had two not great experiences but not for not getting the goods but for poor quality goods.

All other sellers and products were perfect!

Best wishes to you ...



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29 Jul 08 04:37:46 am
If you are concerned about receiving damaged goods, then cover yourself with insurance, it's a smart move to do so if importing breakables.

As theyeshaveit said, use the paypal escrow service to cover yourself, and you should be safe from a money point of view.

Sounds like you are already aware that you will be buying fakes, so as long as you are aware of the penalties for selling them, I would suggest you have your bases covered as well as you can.

Just remember that when dealing with DH gate, you are dealing with independent businesses listed within the site, and certain quality issues may arise when doing business with more than one supplier.

Good luck with the investment!

Mark (fudjj)

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29 Jul 08 10:33:12 am
Thanks for the replies guys.

Now if i'm selling fakes and I don't claim it to be real stuff, do i still get in trouble?

Like some of the nfl jersey i sell on ebay from Mitchell and Ness, I don't claim what brand they are and my prices are really low, so they would know it's fake, do i still get in trouble?

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31 Jul 08 09:23:11 pm
I bought items from DHGate and then found them on Ebay for less! If you are in the united states they try to charge an outragous shipping rate! I even tried to negotiate. To state a fact the items I was interested in the shipping rate was more than if I went to China and purchased it myself! I will send you all pictures of me at the olympics!!!


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