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DH gate shipping

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6 May 07 07:31:14 pm
I have look at DH gate item, and have considered ordering some items with them. But as soon as I am trying to complete my buy I have seen that my shipping is two time the price of what i will buy.
I have contacted the seller , which have a good reputation, and he
put the shipping down. But still the overall price is so high
because of the shipping and I wonder if I could sell them for
a profit.

Are there DHgate buyer in here that could help me, or
any suggestion to go around with this kind of shipping cost.

Thank yopu

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7 May 07 01:12:56 am
The shipping from DH Gate is based on a couple of different things. I lived in China for a few years and this is what I have learned. Air shipping costs roughly 22 USD for the first KG and about like 5 USD for every 500 grams or Jin after that. It is really expensive to ship anything by air from China. Its not the seller ripping you off its the freight companies. So, yes it is normal to pay almost twice for shipping to what you pay for an item. The other problem is that the seller will normally default the shipping weight. So it is better to contact them directly to hagle the price to offset the shipping problems. The will bargain.

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7 May 07 01:25:47 am
azure=Have you bought from Dhgate before?
Have you had any problem?
What shipping company did you use or whats the best?
How long did it take to get the Goods?
Please let me know thanks and have a nice day

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7 May 07 05:07:51 am
i have a question about shipping from dhgate

when you calculate your shipping cost with shipping calculater it asks how many parcels you are shipping now if i buy 20 items off the same guy is that classed as one parcel or 20.

thanks for info just trying to sort things out


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7 May 07 05:17:17 am
Frtom what I know the more you buy the lower the cost to some extent. But its based on the settings the seller setup before the listing was made.

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7 May 07 09:38:01 pm
Also depends greatly on what courier you use. Sometimes using FedEx and UPS are extremely expensive, so you may want to try a different option that is more economical.

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14 May 07 01:35:41 pm
I also noticed the a lot of seller say they have a discount for using say EMS or DHL. It that true that they give you a discount on shipping when you check out?

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14 May 07 11:16:10 pm
to me i see them quoting the parcels individually, which is why i don't really buy from dhgate. i have only bought samples off of the site and then delt directly with the manufacturer for better pricing. this iswhat i would suggest to do. remember chances are outside of dhgate you will probably have to tt in advance. i haven't had any problems so far buying from dhgate.

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17 May 07 08:24:12 pm
i bought from them before and yes the shipping is alot but they offer discounts and the more same product you buy from the buyer you save shipping significantly

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