Wholesale & eBay Forum Supplier Reviews, Complaints and Scams DHgate - are their Timberland boots authentic?

DHgate - are their Timberland boots authentic?

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2 Jun 06 09:36:51 pm
Hi guys!

On the DHgate website, Timberland boots are going for a fairly good price. Does anyone know if they are authentic?

Many thanks.

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2 Jun 06 10:06:47 pm
You might want to contact the seller of that item via email or phone, Otherwise, there is really no way to know unless you can spot the differences on a picture.

-Benjamin Nguyen

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18 Aug 06 05:24:51 am
Does the seller have good feedback? If shipping isn't too bad you could place a sample order. From my experience with dhgate most of their items are replicas. But, if the seller has a good feedback rating and says its authentic I would go for it. If you make the payment through Paypal you could get your money back if they turn out to be fakes.


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