DHGate.com - is it authentic and trustworthy?

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29 Aug 06 08:11:52 pm
I'm a college student trying to make a little extra money and Im trying to find some quality resources. I might start doing clothing off of DHgate (can anyone verify the authenticity? their Polos and Lacoste shirts seem authentic tag and all) and right now i have a 690 USD Fendi handbag that I can get for a much smaller fee.

Anyway can anyone steer me in the right direction as far as what to to and sell where to get it. I have a audience that may be interested in video gaming products at less than retail value so if anyone can help on that it would also be appreciated

One more thing. How hard is it to make a decent amount of money without an eBay store or website?

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29 Aug 06 08:38:37 pm
I might start doing clothing off of dhgate (can any1 verify the authenticity??? there polos and lacoste shirts seem authentic tag and all)

As others here will tell you, 99% of what is on DHGate is not authentic.

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1 Sep 06 12:33:46 pm
To find good products to sell you need to keep up with the trends.

Search the net, look in the 'lifestyle / entertainment' sections of newspapers, talk to people.

Also the best and easiest products to sell are those that 'solve a problem' . And sometimes selling online is not always the best way to go. If you're serious about selling you need to be versatile.

For instance. I recently bought 400 of those shaking flashlights. Why? It was camping seasons and the flashlights solved a major problem... batteries, the lights never need batteries. Now i looked on ebay and you can buy them for next to nothing, actually less than i paid for them in some cases.

So what i did was go to local flea markets. (Never pictured myself selling at flea markets) It was a new experience for me!

But after only 2 days of going to the flea market I sold out! Sold them for $10 each and made a 400% profit!

The key is to be versatile.


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