DHGate - has anyone dealt with them?

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14 Jul 09 12:08:32 pm
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Hey just thinking about ordering from this supplier. Can you guys and girls please check it out and tell me what you think?

Also although they look like the ipod does that matter when selling? What i mean is do ipod care?

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14 Jul 09 10:41:15 pm
Hi lukes_biz,

I haven't really bought from any of the suppliers on DH Gate, but I have heard a mix of good and negative feedbacks from our members about them.

DH Gate is a site that offers international buyers an online Chinese Market, so chances are you will find an honest and good supplier and I'd hate to say this, even con-artists. When you buy from any of the suppliers there, NEVER expect to buy any authentic brand name products. You'll even find this in their description:

'Important Note: Please be aware that a lot of sellers use this marketplace to sell counterfeit goods and we do not recommend purchasing ANY branded goods off this site as there is a 99% chance they will be fake. '

To learn more about them please go to: Link hidden: Login to view

Here are a couple of Threads, where members have posted about their dealings with DH Gate, please have a read:

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And as an additional guide when buying from Asian suppliers, here something that planes has come up with, this will really help so do have a read:

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Hope this helps! Cheers :)


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14 Jul 09 10:59:12 pm
Hello lukes_biz,

You can sell 'designer inspired' items legally, as long as they don't make any trademark infringements. Meaning, no logos or brand names, and the item must not even be listed as an 'ipod' or 'nano' because these are trademarked terms.

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15 Jul 09 12:01:55 am
I personaly, have bought from DHgate with good results. but that was only a small order of 4 pcs. and before i bought, i spent several weeks converseing with the seller. and i would suggest you do the same. Whatever you do, always order a 1 peice sample first, this will give you an example of what you can expect from that seller, as far as quailty, shippng time, and resolve of any issues if any. DHgate is a mixed bag of good and bad. you just have to weed them out.

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18 Jul 09 10:34:17 pm
I do have good and bad experience with them. As long as the products are not branded, it's okay. Otherwise, for the brand name items, they are all not 100% authentic.

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22 Jul 09 02:14:42 am
checked out the details on the site and get it WITHOUT the logo, market it as anything but an ipod and make sure you mention it does not work with itunes and you may have something. i can almost guarantee you it is as good and imperceptively indistinguishable from the ipod. try in small quantity to check and then let it rip as just an MP3 player. let me know when you get one in, i want one

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22 Jul 09 04:00:18 am
You know people really have to stop thinking in terms of buying from DH Gate!

You are buying from an independent business listed in DH Gates directory, nothing more and nothing less. You will find these same businesses listed on most of the other Asian resourcing sites such as Alibaba, Trade Key and so on.

They are in no way related to DH Gate, apart from paying DH Gate to advertise their products and services there on there site.

Yes, each site may well have it's own trading policy, but you are not buying from them, you are buying products from independently owned and operated businesses!

It's incorrect referencing like this that causes so many people so much confusion about these resourcing sites. One will say don't buy from DH Gate because they sold me fakes, and the next will say they were great, when in fact they are talking about two completely different business listed on DH Gate, not DH Gate itself.

It's no wonder inexperienced sellers have absolutely no idea which way turn.

I don't even know why this type of referencing even happens, I mean if someone finds a supplier on Google that in turn rips them off, do they post anything about Google ripping them off?

Of course not, that would be absurd, just as is this referencing to these resource sites. If you get taken by a business on one of these sites then make everyone aware of the business. If you want to make them aware of where you found the business then all good and well, but all of these types of sites are going to have both good and bad traders, and it's the traders that need the light shone on them the most, not the resourcing site itself.

Mark (fudjj)

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24 Jul 09 02:35:54 am
Thats a really good point Fudjj! I am new to Salehoo and it helps if people actually know exactly who to hold accountable, especially us newbies. Thanks Fudjj:)


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