DHgate sellers - scams

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12 Jul 07 08:29:30 pm
DHgate sellers
as i find out most of them are employee of a manufacturers and just want to earn more,but as you know some of them are ripper and just will give you a shit!
so i've made this topic in order to become a referee
for who wants deal with DHgate,
please let us know trusted and good sellers of DHgate that you have dealed with.

thank you :roll:

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12 Jul 07 08:35:04 pm
I have bought 2GB nano look alike MP4 players from uxcell. and they worked great. They don't have the nano look alikes now, but do have many others to choose from. Mine was $56 US. There is a member selling 2GB nano types for a resonable price under the heading of MP4 for sale, and it includes a arm band holder and plastic cover. I bought 20 from liquidation and they are trash don't buy from MP3 KING if you go there. His is junk.

so one to not deal with: MP3 KING

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23 Jul 07 02:36:20 pm
Here are some tips on avoiding these scams:
1.Check how long the seller has been on DHgate.com. Also pay attention to
his/her user ID. The scammers often have a user ID that is a random
combination of letters and digits.
2.Check the seller’s reputation (STS: seller trust score). Go through the feedbacks from other buyers to see if the seller is trustworthy.
3.Check the seller’s past sale history.
4.Research about the item on other shopping websites and check the manufacturer suggested retail price if necessary.
5.Try contacting the seller with your specific question about the product. If you don’t get a response, stay away from him.
6.REMEMBER: If the price is too good to be true, it is very likely a scam
7.FINALLY, report to DHgate.com immediately if you find any suspicious fraudulent listings.

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24 Jul 07 08:09:20 am
Although we are also China supplier, we don't sell fakes.

and we provide 30 days money back guarantee!


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