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21 Jun 07 12:57:47 pm
Has anyone had any problems with this wholesaler??

Are they really good and are their product genuine like they claim them to be?

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21 Jun 07 03:03:51 pm
Lets it put it this way.......They are a Chinese clearing house. If you think what they sell is authentic, you better make sure they are before buying. In the US, YOU as the seller are responsible for verifying the authenticity of the products you sell.

As for personal experinece. I have had some real good buying experinces and some bad one's. In the end, instead of dealing with suspect sellers and products on DHGate, I would rather buy from wholesalers and liquidators that I can talk to or meet with live and have the availablity to get some sort of customer service.

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22 Jun 07 06:03:45 am
My experince has told me NOT to deal with them.

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23 Jun 07 06:49:31 pm
Their own customer support is totally useless. But the sellers I've met are honest and respond very quickly. DHgate is also very slow on the support part and sometimes, well often they don't answer at all.

To get the money back after a purchase wasn't easy at all. I had to make a dispute with Paypal. With other words, fight for my own rights. But remember that DHgate is just another place like Ebay.

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25 Jun 07 04:15:32 pm
I had the repelica and fake products in which they claimed they are genuine. How to get the money back from the Paypal? Not easy as I thought.

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8 Aug 07 08:12:36 pm
just a note of agreement i would strongly urge anyone considering using dhgate 'DON'T still having trouble getting money back on fake items that i purchased from them.communication with them stinks.

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8 Aug 07 08:44:28 pm
Dhgate is not a wholesaler, they are just a sourcing site that lists businesses, and with any branded products...you can not purchase from Chinese manufacturers, no mater where they have their business listed. You will find that warning echoed throughout the forums.


As suggested, you want the best prices, try buying in bulk from liquidation sites, probably your best bet.

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