Do not deal with Chinavasion

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12 Dec 07 09:31:28 am
They made me wait two weeks to find out that a camera is out of stock and I was only told because I was chatting to someone on live help. The buyer is furious so Ihave to cancel. I have another order with them that has been processed a week ago and still not shipped out and said can take up to 20 days to get there. RUBBISH
not worth the time

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6 Jan 08 04:09:29 am
I had similar trouble, I ordered 5 keyboards only to be told 3 weeks later that they were out of stock of the ones I ordered (the ones advertised) so they sent me an email saying they only had white ones left so I had to email my customers to see if they would accept the white ones and by this time they were furious at the time taken but agreed to take white, so I sent a email back to chinavasion saying ok but get them delivered asap so two weeks later they were finally shipped it took nearly a week to get to my now ex customers and half of them were broken I also had to supply my customers phone number before they would ship, so in all from when the customers paid it took approx 6 weeks and a lot of hassle to get to where they were going needless to say Out of it I got 5 lots of negative feedback on ebay so my reputation was damaged and lost 5 customers all because of chinavasion

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6 Jan 08 07:17:47 pm
Just a tip guys..

One of the bad things about using a dropshipper is that you have no prior knowledge of the actual quality of the product or the shipping time. This can be a killer to your business..

One option that you do have if you are selling alot of a particular item is to purchase a few and keep them on hand at your home in case you get the dreaded 'on backorder' or 'out of stock' notice..

This way you can still get the item to you customer without any delay and then replinish your item when the dropshipper gets his stock back up..

I know that this only works when you are selling a particular item well, but it can save you alot of headaches...


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