Does anybody know ?

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20 Mar 07 09:57:47 am

anybody got experience to deal with Link hidden: Login to view ? They have good prices (too good to be true ?).


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9 Dec 08 03:08:15 am is listed in this 'Scammers Websites' list (list is in alphabetical order). Have a look for yourself here Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps :)

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9 Dec 08 03:40:12 am
I don't know the company personally so they may well be scammers, and prices to good to be true usually indicate that they are, especially if they are from China. However that list that has been posted by the admin in this thread is very misleading, and I don't think it serves any purpose other than to confuse people.

Yes it does contain scammers, however it also contains legit traders who use aggresive marketing techniques to actively seek out customers for their products.

Seriously, if someone is going to post a supply lead on a site like Tradkey, then don't get offended and plaster companies names on these types of lists when you get contacted by 300 Chinese companies, after all, it was you that went looking for leads in the first place!

Like I said, I don't know about the company you are inquiring about, but lists like this are rubbish because they are not all scammers, so you end up having to double check everyone on there to sort out the good from the bad, it's quite simply a waste of time in my opinion.

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