dropshipdesign.com are they ok?

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31 Dec 07 05:31:56 pm
Can anyone give me some info on Link hidden: Login to view. Are they e reputable company???? Please advise Thanks Chris

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1 Jan 08 07:48:16 pm
I have done alot of internet searches and read forums and there are mixed reviews most are good, I found it recomended in 5 sites which also recomended SALEHOO as one of the best. I also found another Mall opportunity copy pase this link and check it out it free to join, turn on your speakers. Link hidden: Login to view

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31 Jan 08 05:06:33 pm
DropshipDesign is Aweful!! beware.

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20 Jun 14 12:09:24 am
Dear angelspapa,

The link you provided Link hidden: Login to view is not working. It doesn't show anything on that website. Not sure what's happening.

Erin - eh932011

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20 Jun 14 12:53:09 am
Hi Erin,

Just take note of how old the posts are that you are trying to link form, chances are that links in posts this old may no longer exist.

Mark (fudjj)

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