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24 Jun 07 01:21:07 am
I am new to this online stuff. And I am hoping to make it a fulltime job for me now and for the future.

Anyway, I signed for a combo webplan with DropshipDesign.com or wholesaletrio.com. You get a website and a dropship plan. There prices are ok from what I've seen. Somethings are high and somethings are low.

But here is my problem, accessing the website. It is very very slow and alot of times it error with not enough memory. And today, I've been trying to get on all day and I can't get on, it errored with time has expired waiting or something to that. It is very frustrating to say the least. I asked them several times about the slow access problem and the memory problem. They would tell me they are monitoring this all the time and the access time is at most 15secs. NOT TRUE!!!

I am wondering if people are having the same problem with them. And I noticed their own website access time is instantaneous.

Another thing is, is this a good place? Is there or are there better suppliers? Should I cut the lost, move on, look for a better supplier?



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