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21 Jul 09 04:25:02 am
I was recommended the site dropshipdesign.com. This site seems to have some good perks and a great ebay tool. Is it to good to be true? If anyone has dealt with them can you please give me your opinion?

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21 Jul 09 05:07:40 am
Hi stifterenterprises,

There has been quite some discussion regarding Dropship Design on the forum in the past. I would suggest you use the search forum feature in the menu on the left to search for the posts.

I'm sure you'll find plenty of info there, some in favour, other not so keen, but it will get you plenty of information to help base your own opinion on.

Mark (fudjj)

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21 Jul 09 11:34:48 pm
Hi Stiftenterprises,

We have heard they are a poor quality site that don't live up to their grand promises. There are also a lot of bad reviews and feedback about them in general on the web, so we would recommend that you stay away from them.

If you haven't already searched the forum for the posts that fudjj mentioned, here are a couple to of posts that have pretty much everything there is about dropshipdesign.com, please have a read:

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I also found a number posts about them on another forum, I think the information here will also help a lot, please visit the following link:

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Cheers :)


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22 Jul 09 02:11:50 am
Don't use it. As soon as you enter your phone #, they're calling you and trying to pressure you into signing up for some $3,000 'training class.' And they literally insult and abuse you when you won't sign up because 'you must not really want your business to succeed.' Plus- crappy, overpriced products.


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