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8 Sep 07 09:13:09 pm
Hi, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this or any info about it.
Link hidden: Login to view Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jack

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9 Sep 07 07:27:55 pm
Hi Jack, Yes I have recently joined. Ordered my turnkey website on Thursday and it went live today. I will let you know the progress.

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9 Sep 07 09:38:25 pm
I would be careful. The examples of the ebay selling priced they give are somewhat inflated if you look at all the completed listings.

I have not had any real experience with them, though, just did a little quick research.

Good luck!!

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30 Jan 08 11:11:33 pm
Site is not working

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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31 Jan 08 01:10:00 am
I would be really wary of this site as it is listed on several of the scam alert sites. Plus on top of that dropshippingwholesalers.com is owned by Nick Desfanstano one of the biggest known scammers on the entire web..Very bad reviews on him all over the web. And wit those kinds of reports I don't think that you would really want to get involved....Just go and read what Rip-Off, Dogpus, and some of the other scam alert sites say about him and dropshippingwholesalers. Not to mention all the bad things on most of the blogs...Just do a google search and a ton of stuff will come up...

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31 Jan 08 04:22:04 am
I personally would not get involved with this.

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