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30 Sep 07 01:27:40 am
Hi there, I am new to Salehoo!!!!!! I must admit, all the info I'm finding here is so exciting as well as overwhemling! Has anyone heard of Link hidden: Login to view ? I was thinking of trying them out. Any info would be greatly appreicated. Thanks!


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30 Sep 07 10:03:51 pm
Stay far away from them if they haven't been extensively reviewed by the staff at Salehoo and buyers.

By the far off chance they are legitimate, its best to let someone else test the waters as its easy to recover a company credit card charge with no hassle.

Whereas people extremely new to this, could wind up being scammed out of thousands of dollars. They have to be thoroughly checked out first. I admit it is no 100% failsafe since nothing is. But, reasonably people will not do business with something that hasn't already got alot of reviews.

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1 Oct 07 09:54:05 am
I cant dig up any info on them. This makes me very suspicious. Meaning they are a new company or a new scam site. When I search for wholesale sites I prefer to stick with confirmed sites that are established.

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