Evertek.com's payment option for international transaction

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13 May 16 12:38:57 pm
Hello There!!
Recently I have placed my order with value of USD 1943 including shipping cost. At first shipping cost was high but after consulting with the agents it was reduce and I am very grateful for that. Now my big concern is regarding payment as they only accept TT for international customers. So I am quite not sure regarding security in related with products delivery and quality issues. So my concern is does anyone from SaleHoo member ever deal with them especially international customers and had any issues. Your humble and honest review about your past experience either bad or good really help me to go ahead with their given conditions or boost my confident with the company.

Thank you
Wish you a very successful business deal ahead!!

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13 May 16 07:36:17 pm
Hi Chencho,

Evertek are a fully verified supplier in our directory. Regarding payment, TT (bank transfer) is there preferred payment option for international sales, however Shane from support is going to contact them to see if they offer any other payment options fro international customers. So we'll update you on that as soon as we hear back from them for you.


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27 Jul 16 10:37:29 am
I have an account at Evertek as well and have already placed and received an order from them. I was happy with my first order and have been thinking about ordering again soon. I haven't talked with a sales person yet but am thinking about doing so.

The only thing that made me stop to think was a form I found here called the (Link to PDF) Link hidden: Login to view Credit Card Authorization Form. I don't remember filling this form when I made my order but it does say the following on the form:

This form must be completed with each order (No Exceptions). Please make a copy for future orders.

I'm not sure if I agree with the terms that you cannot file a chargeback etc. I would always try to resolve any issues with the company first and would never file a chargeback unless it was a last resort. So far I do like Evertek a lot, so I do not think it will keep me from ordering again but I just don't like that they take what seems like a right away from us. I'm not even sure if it's even legal.

They do seem like they are on the up and up so hopefully this will never become an issue. I just thought that maybe others might want to know this in advance.


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