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11 Oct 07 08:46:21 am
Found this site yesterday. I've been on MSN with one of the guys and was discussing buying an iPod 80GB. You can pay with PayPal but the min order is 16PC which is about

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11 Oct 07 09:38:04 am
Don't do the bank transfer. It will be just like flushing that money down the toilet!

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11 Oct 07 10:05:09 am
So if you pay by PayPal can you get your money back?

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13 Oct 07 07:58:44 am
Someone check them out, so nobody loses their money. Seriously, have Jimmy or someone take them for a test run. Only takes a minute.

Usually places will have escrow at least such as DhGate or sellerkey. However, at DhGate especially they still have alot of counterfeit type of garbage to wade through.

So you have to be very careful.

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13 Oct 07 09:21:50 am
The site was created on the 9th of October, 2007.
I'd be very cautious.
Check the photo in About Us section. A big corporation with a Hotmail email address.
No Thanks. I Don't Think So.
I could be wrong but you only need to be scammed once.

Whois Server: whois.fastdomain.com
Referral URL: Link hidden: Login to view
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 09-oct-2007
Creation Date: 09-oct-2007
Expiration Date: 09-oct-2008

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15 Oct 07 08:35:29 pm
Do Not Send Any Money.
What usually happens is that once your money has been received, you are told the goods have been held up in customs and you need to pay another amount to release them. If you question this you are then told that as the Chinese Government is trying encourage foreign business,there is an alternative that if you order a larger amount, they will let you off the duty. Once you send this extra money, there will be yet another problem. You will never get anything and will never get your money back. I joined SaleHoo to avoid this kind of scam.I now only deal with companies others can vouch for.

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16 Oct 07 03:04:14 am
Actually only takes me about 30 seconds :D


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Aug-31-07 11:50:08 PDT

So far the only info online about this so called supplier is many many spammed posts on the ebay community forums and a couple off wall posts. Kinda funny they post in the I got scammed comments.

Yeah this ones a no brainer. New Site, No online reputation. They spam the exact copy and pasted message in several blogs and forums. Yeah these guys are definately scammers

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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20 Oct 07 10:55:40 pm
They are listed as a scam site on several of the scam alert sites..you should always check with these sites before spending any of your money..only takes a few minutes...

I normally always do a 'whois' search to check out the site.:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

both of those have good info..

After that I normally visit severl of the scam alert sites to see if anything is listed about the companys site..:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Alos normally if you just type in the site name in google search, something will usually come up about them...

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17 Nov 07 04:42:36 am
A simple way of checking out spammers:

1. Open up their web site
2. Check for a 'Payment' option (spammers always have one)
3. Check to whom the payment is to be made. (spammers will have the payment to a person)
In this case it's to:

postcode: 100026
A/C holder's name :LI DOU
A/C No. : 4061 2000 1880 0675 03
SWIFT code : BKCH CN BJ 110

300% guarantee: a spammer.
Wish the Chinese mafia would do something about those bastards :-)
Just my thoughts.


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