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EZDropshippers.com Problems!

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26 Mar 07 02:25:06 am
Has anyone else tried to get products from EZDropshipper.com recently? I have had orders in with them since March 16 that they have YET TO SHIP!!

I can get no help from their customer service. They say that they will help and then I go to check my shipments and they are still just sitting there with NO shipping info at all?

Are they in financial trouble or what?

One VERY IMPORTANT point if you should decide to use EZdropshipper.com. DO NOT pay them via PayPal! I was informed by CS that it can take up to 5 DAYS for them to get the info from PayPal and then ship the product. 5 DAYS!! That's an eternity for Ebayers! Only pay them with a Credit Card (you can use the PayPal Debit Card too), that way they process it faster. It gets processed faster, not shipped faster, however!

It's too bad that these guys are in trouble because I really made some great money with their products.

Does anyone know another Drop Shipper that sells the As Seen on TV stuff?

Pat S.
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26 Mar 07 05:39:57 pm
I am surprises to hear this, because I have not had any problems with ezdropshipper. Are you sure? I have tons of stuff that I have listed that come from them and I'm concered? The last Item I purchased was 3/16 and it was shipped rightaway...tracking number provided.

There are (2) THAT have the same look alike url. Is this the one your talking about?
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The other one is:
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J Baca
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26 Mar 07 06:15:46 pm
Yeah that is odd. I have not yet heard of any problems with this company.

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26 Mar 07 08:33:14 pm
Yes, it is EZDropshipper.com.

I just got off the phone with CS (AGAIN!) and NOW they tell me that the product I needed was on Backorder and that they just received it on Friday!

The whole time I talked with them last week (on Monday, Wednesday & Friday) not once did anyone tell me they were on Backorder!

Now, they tell me that my orders will ship Wednesday, March 28. I placed my order with them on March 16!!

I am most likely going to have to start all over with a new eBay ID, because I am going to get Negative Feedbacked to death because of this company - EZDropshipper.com!

Does anyone have another source for Seen on TV items?

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26 Mar 07 11:02:21 pm
I have had no problems with this company on any items except one and this particular one item has been on back order for about 2 weeks now. It is the 2 lb. bag of Canada grass seed. I have talked to customer service several times and each time they have been polite and helpful.

If you have Ebay customers that are waiting on back ordered items I would suggest a few things. I would offer them a complete refund or refund the price of shipping. Yes you will loose some money but it will keep your customer happy and maybe prevent any negative feedback. This is just the price you pay when using a dropshipper. They are very convient but you will always have the risk of out of stocks and slow shipping.

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