Fadbrand.com - scammers?

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3 May 07 10:48:39 am
Hi Jimmy you told me that the contact info for fadband.com was bogus and not to trust them but yesterday i actuaslly recieved the items i ordered from them they posted on saturday i got them tuesday. The question im asking you now is should i order from them again as i am impressed by the quality of their products or is it a bait a scam situation? Also the email address you checked out Link hidden: Login to view where was that from as the one i have is

Online Salesman : Wendy Michael Jason
M S N : Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
E-mail : Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Yahoo ID: fadbrand_fadbrand
T E L : +86-595-22181608
F A X : +86-595-22191606
TradeManager: cgs_cnfadbrand cnfadbrand
Only believe these contact information!!!
Im not saying i dont believe you but just curious as to how you got different details. Also the ems invoice they sent me says:

Name: Mr Lui
Address: rm 908, 115 chan garden, tian an rd, fujian china

Would be great if you can get anymore info on them please.


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3 May 07 08:07:23 pm
Well im sorry i was mistaken. this falls into not the bogus company category but the bogus product category

Where on planet earth will you find all these high quality products. For wholesale prices?

Adidas Bape
Gucci ICE Cream
Jordan Lacoste
Lovis vuitton Nike
Prada Puma
Timberland Women's boot
Balenciaga Chanel
Chloe Coach
Dior Fendi
Gucci Hermes
Juicy conture Kooba
Louis Vuitton Marc Jacob
Miumiu Mulberry
Prada YSL
10 deep 999
A&F Akademiks
Bape BBC
Boss Buberry
Cavalli Chanel
Dior Dolce&gabbana
Dsquared Ecko
Edhandy E-land
Evisu Giorgio armani
Gucci G-unit
Juicy couture Lacoste
LRG Miss stixty
Nike Northface
Phatfarm Polo
Prada Primp
Rocawear Rock&republic
Stussy Tommy
Edhandy A&F
Antik denim Armani
Bape Bbc
Citizens of humaniy D&G
Diesel Energie
Evisu Frankie B
Levi's Miss sixty
People for peace Red monkey
Rock &repubic Seven
Taverniti True religion
999 A&F
Armani Astro boy
B.R.M Bape
Bbc Boss
Burberry Ccc
D&G Diesel
Dunhill ED hardy
Evisu Gucci
Lacoste LRG
Mariboro classics Nike
Pame smith Phat farm
Polo Prada
Roca wear Tommy
Trussardi Uers ace
Versace Zegna
Burberry Chanel
Coach Dior
Gucci Juicy conture
Lv Prada
Adidas Bape
BBC Caballero hats
Diplomats Edhandy
La Lactoste
NBA Nike
NY Ron dutch
Breitling Cartier
Chanel Ferrari
Glashiitte Omega
Patak philippe Rolex
Tagheuer Tisson
Adidas Burberry
Chanel Dolce&gabbana
Gucci LV
Max mara women Okey
Prada Ray ban
Acer Dell
Ericsson Hp
Ipod Lenvo
Nokia Ps3
Psp Samsung
Sony Toshiba
Burberry Pame smith

The answer is no where. 90 Percent of these items are never sold wholesale. So A chineese company is suppliying wholesale products from designer manufacturers located in milan and italy.

There is a very very high chance that this company manufacturers designer inspired products. which you cant sell on ebay but you can at flea markets if you want to. But they claim to have the real deal.

Im sure many salehooers would agree. (Not to mention, any company listed on alibaba cant be trusted.)

Was your order small? As I can see a scam comming soon if your order was small. some will fullfill all small orders and when you spend 25,000 they take you for all of it and you get nothing. They have great prices on thier stuff. But the sad thing is if it looks to good to be true then it usually is.

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9 May 07 03:20:23 pm
it was a small order. but i cant find anyone else selling at these prices and i dont know whats going on with dhgate i cant get in contact with them they are saying i havent paid for my order when i have.

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30 Jun 07 03:20:42 pm
hi crownjewellz1, i know this post is old but I looked at dhgate and the prices on those jeans do you really expect them to be authentic? Some of them were 5 to 40 dollars! Sorry but I carry a few lines that will let me since I sell online and the cheapest pair I have purchased direct from the manufacturer is $79 and that pair retails for 170 to about 185. No way are the ones on those sites authentic.

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8 Dec 08 02:50:20 am
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