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5 Apr 17 01:23:07 am
I have just done almost a year of 'business' with Sunrise wholesale. As I was just starting out with building my drop shipping journey, I thought the 'eBay wizard' they have on their site would be very useful and I could get my feet wet with them, then move into more international relationships after some experience. This company is a fake. A lot of their stuff is sourced from other suppliers and I can tell that due to the unreasonably high shipping rates. Out of the 3 sales I made with them this year (prices are way too high), I ended up losing money in one sale and breaking even with the other two. Discouraging does not begin to describe my feelings and this does not encourage morale amongst sellers. Very frustrating experience and looking to save others grief with this review. If anyone knows of any good, legitimate suppliers for US sellers without a Tax ID (yet) please let me know, many thanks in advance. Until then I will continue to build a strategy to search for what to sell. This site and the information therein is a fantastic resource, but I am back to the drawing board after a year of listing over 1,000 items. Cheers.

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24 Apr 17 09:31:20 pm
Hello rjennett89.

Here is a link to Link hidden: Login to view.

They are a SaleHoo Supplier. Sign up is easy. Tax ID requirement is limited to a few states. Go down the left side of the page and check "Case".Shipping is $30.00 if you are in the USA.

Lots of success.



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