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Fraud Scam Collection - Obvious cheat sites

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22 Mar 08 11:47:05 pm
I would like to eistablish a colelction of fraud things. LIke websites, email addresses and things lings like that. I think we shouldnt help to the scammers but we should help to each other. I mean if you found a suspicious website, or you get an suspicous email, please paste here. I try to avoid to tell them trough this website all of the signs that say that site is operated by fcu*ers...
here is the first one:

Link hidden: Login to view
bloody cheaters, however this is the 'best quality' cheater website that i ever seen. STAY AWAY FROM THAT WEBSITE. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

His system is really good looking. I mean he promise you there is a third party freight company who going to keep the money untill i verify the items arrived go on go on...

hsi email is :

----- Original Message ----
From: Best Sales
To: ***********************************************
Sent: Thursday, March 20
Subject: Re:

Hello ,

Thanks for your email .

For payment i use a THIRD PARTY wich is GRS International . You will send the money them and i will deliver the products then they will send me th money . They will keep the money until you receive and ceck the products .

Please go to : Link hidden: Login to view

Delivery time : 2 days .

So yes i know its obvious but to avoid to anyone get ripped off i thought its better when i post this.

Again there are 20 signs (at least) that say this is not a real company. Its a devil in disguise....


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21 Apr 08 02:12:30 pm
I have come across a so called website and to my stupidity I bought for them, but you live and learn I guess! I ordered dvds from familydvdwholesale.com before I became a wholesaler. I didn't know at that time what to look for or how to realy find out about a businesses reputation so I placed an order and he sent me a origainal region 1 dvd for $4.99 + .99 shipping, I was excited that I found dvds so cheap so I started sending orders in a large amount and then in return I recieved poor quality bootleged dvds. I then contacted the owner (Steven Butts) via email about this issue and all he did was ack like a 9 year old child and call names. So I asked my old military buddies that were Federal Marshals and they gave me great advice. They said to first look up the company via B.B.B and see if they are registered and what there reputation was. Then if it is a realy poor rating fill a complaint with them. Second is to report to the U.S.P.S if it was sent via mail. Third was to report to the host of the web site that this so called store has an account and put in your complaint. Fourth is to report to the F.B.I on the matter. STAY AWAY FROM FAMILYDVDWHOLESAL.COM

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