Gamers Corners - they're scammers!

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27 Nov 06 04:38:10 am
Don't use the Gamers Corner as they are scammers. They are the advertised seller on Salehoo for X Box games and I didn't receive them and they are ignoring all me emails. This was the first one I bought from and thought it would be okay.

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27 Nov 06 05:29:13 am
First things First. I've moved this post to the section it belongs.

For one thing we cannot verify,Or guarantee the reliability of Companies listed in our database. We are only a gateway to the wholesale sources. That is why we have this section in the forums to help keep our members aware of the possible scammers and poor service companies. If there is good proof that this company is indeed a scammer we will remove thier listing completely from our database. As we have done in the past.

For the moment we rely on our members to leave personal reviews on thier purchases from companies listed in our database.

We are currently working on a new review process where we will go in dept with the companies and research them on a personal level.

Be advised that members post often in this section to warn us and others if they have come across any companies not giving quality service.

My recommendation to you is that if you used a chargecard to purchase from this company is to do an immediate chargeback on them for non delivery of product. If you used wire transfer or western Union you pretty much stuck it to yourself as these methods cannot be tracked..

We warn people all the time about using these 2 methods to make payment.

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29 Nov 06 04:45:30 pm
I've used gamers corner and always recieved my products. I have been using them for awhile before I ever found salehoo. Thing only problem I ever had was receiving an incorrect product once, but when I called then they told me to simply return it for the correct item.. Have you tried to contact them by phone?


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