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2 Jan 10 06:33:45 pm
OK, so when I first started with Salehoo I had two main ideas, I was going to use drop shipping and I was going to sell on eBay. Why? Because I had little or no money to begin!! So I went to work looking for a dropshipper and I opened a eBay store. Ultimately, for whatever reason, I failed.

Probably because every time I found a product I would go to eBay and someone was already selling it for less than what I could possibly afford to make a profit. I also didn't have the seller credibility of my competition, I was new. I quit my eBay store and called it a wash. Sense then I've moved on.

I've been trying all kinds of stuff. I found some limited success finally but not enough to quit my day job. My simple method to success was buy bulk of eBay, use Link hidden: Login to view to reduce my bottom line cost, and turn around and sell smaller quantities on eBay or in my eCrater store. Of course, I'm not going to tell you what I'm selling, that's up to you to find something you can move.

What I will tell you is that if your not using Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view then you are failing. These two FREE services offer us entrepreneurs a great advantage.

First, Bigcrumbs allows you to list your eBay store to be seen by all their members. Second, Bigcrumbs allows you to get cash back on all your eBay purchases. This is great if your buying your product off eBay. eCrater, allows you to create a online store complete with shopping cart and create listings with absolutely no fees.

The bottom line here is this, don't get caught up thinking eBay is your only place for exposure. Seek it out...exposure, and anytime you can give your product free exposure its a good thing.

So now with my new found tools and limited success I got to thinking...
Bigcrumbs don't just offer cashback savings from eBay but from thousands of stores. Is it possible I could buy my product from these stores and then turn around and sell it and actually make a profit? I mean, I would actually be getting unique products right. Stuff you don't see on eBay.

To many times the product I find from the wholesalers listed in the Salehoo directory floods the eBay market. For instance, I found a backpack I would like to sell using the Salehoo directory, I think I can get a pretty good deal on it and put it up on eBay. Nope, nevermind, eBay has like 50 of those backpacks already!

So instead, I'm going to go through Bigcrumbs to, buy 20 Name Brand North Face Daypacks that are on sale...lets say 100 dollars a pack. I turn around and list them in my free eCrater store and profit $7.50 a pack because going through BigCrumbs to Moosejaw offers 7.5% cashback. Is that alot? Not really but guess what. Moosejaw has a reward program and you get points to redeem for every purchase you make. For people like us making alot of purchases these reward points could add up fast for more products to sell on eBay and in our eCrater store. I'm sure Moosejaw isn't the only store to offer reward based shopping!

Moosejaw is just a example. There are tons of stores that even offer a bigger percentage back. Take, they offer 13.5% and alot of people don't even know about them. You can actually buy $25 dollar gift certificates to restaurants for $10 at this site. Couple that saving with your 13.5% and you win. I could seriously buy a $25 dollar gift certificate for 10 dollars and sell it for $15 dollars to someone I know and profit $6.35 including the 13.5% money back. (There are usually restrictions, like your bill has to be atleast $50 so make sure you make that clear)

I don't feel bad either, yeah, I know these people but I did the footwork and I have the meal ticket in hand. All's they have to do is spend 15 bucks to save 10 on their meal, maybe they plan to go soon. When I have the product on me its convenience for them.

You see how you can be creative. . ., so what do you do to be creative?

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3 Jan 10 01:10:28 am
Great Information...

There should be a sticky on this post

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4 Jan 10 12:33:44 am
Hi the$rich$tree,

Thanks for your suggestions! I'm sure a lot of our members will find this useful.

It's a nice way to start the year - to more success and more sales!

Cheers :)


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