Grahamg - has anyone bought from him?

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27 Jul 08 08:14:15 pm
A while back a member on here called grahamg offered to help me out if I lent him an eBay account, he seems like a legit bloke as from what I can understand he is quite frequently on the forum...I still have faith that he is a genuinely nice guy and everything but I have received a letter from a debt collecting company asking for

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27 Jul 08 10:01:42 pm
Double check with Salehoo to see if he is still an active member firstly, then you may be able to make contact with him here again.

My opinion would be that he wanted to use someone else's account, other than one of his own for a very good reason.....and now you have the bill for that reason!

Have to say that you may have been trying to be helpful, but don't trust everyone because they are on the Salehoo forum. No doubt the vast majority of members here are genuine, but it's also a good fishing ground for the odd scammer.

Not Salehoo's fault, they build a great site, but it's only natural some scammers are going to pay a few dollars to join if they think they can id some easy marks.

Who knows, you still seem to think this member is genuine for some reason, but if it walks like a duck, squaks like a duck....well!!

Good luck

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Jul 08 01:34:22 am
I have to agree on this. We do our very best to weed out the occasional scammer that joins. This is why I have rules clearly posted. And one of the main rules is that no member can sell to another member or offer any services to another member on open forum if they are not registered sellers.Most scammers will avoid having to register. Just look by the members name and see if they have all bold blue stars under their username.

If you have any suspicions. Dont hesitate to Private message me or you can email me directly. I will research the matter. If I believe that member is trying to scam any of my members I will remove them from the forums. Gram was a pretty active member for a while. I havent heard from him in some time though.

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28 Jul 08 12:30:02 pm
Speaking of Graham. I haven't seen a post from him on here in quite some time.


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