Has any one used this website http://www.isellipods.us/ to buy iPod Touches

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11 Mar 10 02:49:33 am
I found this website and they sell Wholesale lots of I pod touches I can't decide if their real or just a scammer.

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11 Mar 10 07:09:18 pm
Hi Wiggleswar,

Welcome to SaleHoo :)

I'm not that familiar with this supplier but I wouldn't buy from them for sure. I know everyone's looking for 'the supplier' of iPods (iPhones and other Apple products) but oftentimes they just end up being scammed.

Anyway, here's why I wouldn't buy from them:

1. The payment method - WIRE TRANSFER! Most legit suppliers will offer you a safer payment method or at least other options. Remember when you send money via wire there is no way of getting it back, no chargebacks, no disputes - it'll be gone just like that.

2. They have been online for less than a year, although they'll turn a year old by May 2010, this also corresponds to the expiration of their site registration. (Ideally it is best to deal with well established suppliers with at least 2 years of online activity)

3. Their phone number is a mobile phone number.

4. You can't buy just 1 unit but you have to get 10 samples. What if they are not as authentic as they claim? I respect MOQ but if I have to pay via wire transfer I would not want to pay for 10 units.

But if you'd like to give them a definite if a doubt, you can try exchanging emails/call and get to know them better. But be wary of any signs.

All the best! :)


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11 Mar 10 10:41:54 pm
Yep, everything Richelle has said, plus whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top.

I have never come across a legit supplier who would not do a single sample, then again I have not come across many genuine suppliers that only offer wire transfer as their payment option.

This has LOOK OUT written all over it, even the tacky domain name gives me the creeps lol.

Mark (fudjj)

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14 Apr 10 05:32:12 am
A good way to determine if a site selling Ipods is legit is if they are selling Ipods.


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