Has anyone dealt with Chinavasion?

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17 Sep 06 12:46:19 pm
Has anyone had any dealings with a company in China called Chinavasion?

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18 Sep 06 11:33:28 am
Hi I have ordered mp3 & 4 players 3 times from Chinavasion and have not had any problems from them to date.

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19 Sep 06 12:25:13 am
I have dealt with them before. They are probably one of the more reliable Chinese suppliers I know of. You can get slightly better deals on DHgate just check the feedback of the seller.

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7 Feb 08 01:34:53 am
Here is the link to them in the Salehoo directory. Link hidden: Login to view
They have been given a 4 star rating by fellow Salehoo members. Here are their posts:

Reviewed on: 2007-01-19
Rating: 4
I contacted the sales department at Chinavasion.com and had a reply back within 24 hours. The sales rep was quick to walk me through the registration process. The main method of contact was via email. The rep showed me some of the highlights and sent me additional information about there business.
The website is fairly easy to use.
Site offers product reviews
Bulk pricing when you register
Shipping costs show up at checkout
Prices fair
1 year warranty minimum some companies will offer a longer warranty
5- 10 day shipping
Payment by PayPal or bank transfer
Like all Chinese importers shipping can eat you alive. In order to buy from this site and see profits you will need to buy in bulk. They also only accept PayPal and bank transfer for payment options. This can limit your buying power and security. I rated them a 4 due to shipping costs and payment options. They do have good feedback and seem to be a good company.

Reviewed by: jeffuli
Reviewed on: 2008-01-19
Rating: 5
Great supplier.
Ordered many items from them, they have some problems in speed, but still the best source in China for electronics.
I tried some other wholesale suppliers in China and I am happy to come back to Chinavasion and only use them.
They have their own QC and checking all the goods before send out. Very important when buying from China.
Very great team!
Many thanks to Chinavasion.

Reviewed by: fcbrasov1
Reviewed on: 2007-12-05
Rating: 3
In last weeks. Chinavasion have a lot of delays with orders.
I dropship with chinavasions but now i am looking for another site.
The products are good (have problems with 2 of 54) but the delays are not good for ebay seller for sample.
I continue with chinavasion if their speed up their delays.

Reviewed by: Tech Way
Reviewed on: 2007-09-12
Rating: 4
We ordered and paid 4 products on 14/08/2007. My costumer received them on 03/09/2007. This is like 20 days but we have to count only 16 days due time work. For our client was 20 days anyway.
We think those things could happen when you live in a country that is at the opposite side of the world, we mean too far away from China.
We are patient, so it’s ok for us.
We are more interested in excellent quality and serious warranty and Chinavasion is really very close of that reality. Excellent support, gadgets and prices.
5 stars for quality and 3 stars for delay. Average, 4 stars.

Reviewed by: heatherispeachy
Reviewed on: 2007-09-10
Rating: 2
I have placed 2 orders with Chinavasion. My first order was handled perfectly. My sample m4 and mp3 players arrived quickly in good condition.
I placed a second larger order with them for more players. This order was delayed over three weeks to ship.
Chinavasion would not allow me to cancel to purchase the goods elsewhere.
When this order finally shipped, it was received with substituted colors from the players I ordered. This substitution was done without my approval.
In total, I bought 5 mp4 players from them. 3 of those failed in the first couple months of ownership.
Still waiting on getting any returned items from them. I have moved onto another provider.

Hope this info helps you :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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8 Feb 08 03:01:50 pm
AGree with all the above, have used them on a number of occassions, and always very helpful, professional, good quality items.
They also accept Paypal which can be useful for some people.


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18 Mar 09 04:36:59 pm
Is Chinavasion still reliable to date(2009)? I'm new here and looking for opinion about this dropshipper. Thanks.

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19 Mar 09 02:15:43 am
Yes still accurate. Been buying from within the last weeks with no problems.

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19 Mar 09 08:04:40 am
Thnx wychewes!

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16 May 12 03:59:47 am
We are now in 2012 is Chinavasion good or bad it's been ages since anyone has talked about them.

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16 May 12 04:09:17 pm
At the end of 2010 I had purchased a mobile phone and a watch from them. They are ok, except that the battery of the mobile phone needed to be charged almost every day, though they supplied an extra battery. It is of no use, since the electrical charge does not remain much longer, as expected.

Before buying they seems to care for their customer too much. Once the goods received by us, there was no more contact.


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