has anyone ever gotten MK Enterprise to drop there prices?

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11 Jun 07 10:28:04 am
hey everyone,

i would just like to know if anyone has gotten MK Enterprise to lower the prices on there webpage for them?
I'm only asking due to the facted i was looking at there webpage the other day and they look like they offer good service but there prices are a little higher then i can get them for.
also if you sing up as a dropshipper are the prices they same as a wholesaler?
thanks for your time

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13 Jun 07 02:00:12 am
Hi urkrazydeals

This depends on the quantity you are wanting to purchase. If you are serious and after larger quantities then they will be able to drop your price. But if you are trying to get them to drop it for one or two items then you will be out of luck sorry.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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13 Jun 07 07:33:24 am
please refer to this post as it is the largest debate on mkenterprise

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Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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13 Jun 07 07:45:09 am
Thanks salehoo
I sent them an email last week asking them if they can match the prices that I’m getting them for.
I was planning on buying 5 for the 1st order and 10 after that.
But I got no reply at all :(
Well I take it as there loss

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14 Jun 07 10:34:34 am
I got this in reply to an email I sent to them.

'Regarding to your enquiry, please kindly note that prices for our products are fixed for both wholesaling & drop shipping groups. If your purchase is over 50 units per item, we will consider giving a
special discount. (This will run by a case to case basic.)'

Looks like to save you have to buy in bulk.


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