Has anyone heard of Discovery Bargain. International site China?

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20 May 11 02:51:27 am
Can drop shippers, whole salers join Sale Hoo and then completely disappear from site?

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20 May 11 04:43:42 am
Hi breezy808,

Welcome to SaleHoo! :) Discovery Bargain is not listed in our directory.

We take a number of steps to ensure that suppliers meet our rigorous standards before they are added to the database.

* All our wholesalers must meet minimum standards of service. Most notably, we insist that suppliers provide secure payment methods so that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, members can always get their money back.

* We make anonymous purchases from all our suppliers and then rate them on price, speed, quality and service.

* Our three-tiered review system means that you don't only get our opinion on a supplier - you also get ratings from other SaleHoo members and independent eBay powersellers! You don't need to take just our word for it... find out what everyone else is saying, and judge for yourself.

* If a supplier receives a poor review, we keep both the supplier and the review in our database to alert other members. We believe that knowing who you can't trust is as important as knowing who you can.

Clearly, approved suppliers cannot just disappear from our list, unless it is the supplier itself who requested to be deleted. :)

Do you need help looking for suitable suppliers? :)

Have a great day!



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