Has anyone tried Resale-ebook.com?

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27 Mar 10 01:56:21 pm
I was wondering if this is a good way to start an ebook store?
Since ebay is no longer allowing digital delivery, is there a supplier for ebooks on cds?
A lot of auctions are starting at a penny, this makes me believe that sellers burn Cds on their own computers. Does anyone know?

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29 Mar 10 02:11:03 am
Hi whitebear 1020,

Welcome to Salehoo!

I haven’t personally tried the site Resale-ebook.com, but I would like to try to answer some of your queries.

The following link Link hidden: Login to view , outlines Ebay’s revised policy on selling digital products. At this moment, digital delivery is allowed as long as it is listed in the Everything Else Category, using the Classified Ad format.

Should you decide to list the EBook in other categories, a tangible product must be delivered. This is done by burning / copying the EBbooks into a CD whenever there is a purchase. This CD will then be post mailed to the buyers in compliance with this EBay policy.

And once you decide to sell an EBook over at Ebay, you can technically sell it many times over in one listing simply because it is in essence a digital product. This is the reason some are willing to put a penny price on it and wait to get a pound for a 100 order.

It will also be of help to become aware that in selling EBooks, the profit lies in the money made using your affiliate links in these digital products, rather than the actual selling of the EBooks themselves.

For that reason, I'm not sure that resale-ebooks.com would be a particularly good business model. It seems like they retain the rights to the content that you resale, so you would be limited to profiting from the sale price of the book only. But, as I said, I only had a quick look over this product, so I may have missed something!

I hope that answers your question. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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