Has anyone tried these suppliers' websites?

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11 Mar 10 11:10:53 pm
I asked a question like this for a differnt wholesale website but I didn't like what the Salehoo said about it so I searched for differnt ones and I found thes websites: Link hidden: Login to view
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since I'm a new Salehoo member I was wondering if anyone from Salehoo who has had more experince with wholesaleing has tried any of these sites.

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12 Mar 10 02:12:48 am
Hi Wiggleswar,

Sorry if you didn't like what we had to say about the other site you asked about in your other post. We were merely trying to help you and make sure you have a safe buying experience on and off SaleHoo.

* Link hidden: Login to view - We have another member who also asked about this supplier and here's the link to that thread for your reference:

Link hidden: Login to view

By the way, the link you mentioned in your post above (Link hidden: Login to view) is not available.

* Link hidden: Login to view - I'd still say that this supplier doesn't look too safe to deal with. They been online for only 10 months and their site registration expires this year 2010. You can see for yourself, here's the link to their whois search result:

Link hidden: Login to view

Also, they are using a free email account for their contact email. Legitimate suppliers often use domain-based email addresses. Although they accept PayPal, its not always a guarantee that they are safe to deal with.

If you are convinced that this supplier is safe and sells authentic iPods/iPhones, we leave that up to you. After all, they do accept 1 unit sample order. (But then again, I wouldn't recommend - just my opinion)

All the best!


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12 Mar 10 03:33:58 am
I'm assuming that you mean you didn't like what Richelle highlighted for you about the supplier, not that you didn't like Richelle's advice.

What Richelle highlighted for you is very valid, in fact she, along with all the support staff, deliver very sound advice on saving members from being ripped off every day here on the forum.

If you want to save yourself from being scammed, I would suggest that following advice such as Richelle deals out is an excellent option : )

There are a few key indicators to always watch out for in regards to safe online trading. Things like the amount of time that the domain has been registered for, anything under two years is not advisable to deal with unless you know the site is genuine for sure.

Other indicators include payment methods, wire transfer is always a scammer's first option as it provides the buyer with no protection at all. Free email accounts, those like MSN or Yahoo accounts are always sus as genuine sites will usually have an email address linked to their domain.

Also look for contact details, if they only list an email address to contact them, never a good thing as emails can easily be ignored. A phone number and address is always the best to have when dealing with any supplier.

Of course even if you check all those points off, it's still no 100% guarantee that the supplier is legit, but they are the first things that you should be looking for before looking any further. If a supplier is raising any red flags on those points, I would be heading in the opposite direction.

What you have to also have to consider is that just because a supplier may well be legit, as in will send you products when you pay for them, it doesn't mean that the products they will send you are authentic.

Many get into trouble with Chinese suppliers, lured to the suppliers with the promise of insanely low prices, only to find out that they have purchased fakes!

Simple rule, if you are wanting to buy branded products, DON'T LOOK AT CHINA!

China is a great place to source non-branded products, but it's a waste of time looking there for branded products. Even if a supplier guarantees you that the products they have are genuine, they won't be.

The key to this business for anyone just starting out is arm yourself with as much information as possible, and you do that by asking plenty of questions, so you're off to a really good start in that respect.

Plenty of good solid information we have here for members, so take advantage of that and do a lot of reading. It will benefit you in the long run for sure.

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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