Has anyone used Your Jewelry Advantage??!!

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14 Aug 07 10:50:23 am

I really want to try them. They have playboy branded jewelry that I'm after and its free shipping over $74. They are recommended here on salehoo, but no actual reviews!

Anyone who's used them please share your experience!



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15 Aug 07 12:00:17 am
I have not personally used them, but am seriously consdiering some bulk purchases.

They have two reviews here at Salehoo, both 5 stars, hard to do much better than that I would imagine. Just make sure to take your postage into consideration with the price as I seriously doubt if that free postage offer is for international purchases. Even that taken into consideration, I think it would be hard to find a better supplier at those prices, even liquidatiuon suppliers are no cheaper!

Mark (fudjj)

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3 Oct 07 08:08:47 am
I am seriously consdering using their dropship service and sell their products through my website. However, it seems that their prices are too good to be true. Has anyone used their dropship service or purchased their items? Are the items as good as it seems? Feedback of recent purchase would be great!

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13 Oct 07 08:53:11 am
DO NOT USE their dropshipping....May be a scam.

Let a staff member check it out first, safe way to buy. If there is anything funny they know about it first serve basis. Usually it will show up right away, no reason to even try again.

But if its legitimate, it will all go like roses and you'll have no problem using them for all.

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30 Jan 08 09:35:46 pm
Take a look at this related topic. It may be of some use to you.

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30 Jan 08 09:53:47 pm
I have ordered from them and everything came, shipping was cheap and items came promptly. They provided tracking info. Items were good. gold did wear fast on two of the rings, but I didn't really take care of them either, water and such.

Nikki Aronson

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30 Jan 08 11:16:34 pm
I have ordered from them. THEY ARE LEGIT.
Shipping was fast and wellpacked.

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31 Jan 08 03:52:25 am
Ive actually done some rechecking on them. They do seem legit to me. I have also found thier ebay name as well. Although they have not sold much on ebay. And they have a pretty good feedback record so far

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