Helloyy.com - has anyone dealt with them?

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2 Oct 09 04:41:14 pm
I need some reviews about Link hidden: Login to view ...
it's minimum order is $800 dollars, It seems they sell original products
anyone? thanks

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3 Oct 09 01:51:32 am
Hi Soulone06,

Although I don't have any first hand experience with this supplier, I would strongly suggest that you refrain from using them.


1. Their site was created just last August of this year. - Ideally you should buy from sites that are at least 2 years old.

2. They are a Chinese supplier claiming to sell brand name electronic products. - We do NOT encourage our members to buy any brand name products from Asia (China in particular) since 9 out of 10 times these will just be fakes/replicas/counterfeits.

3. They do not accept safe payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards. Don't be fooled, you will see the PayPal logo on their site, but when you click on their Payments link you'll see that it's not an option - this is already false advertising! Definitely not a good sign.

4. Plus their minimum order value is quite high, don't you think?!

As with any supplier, always do TONS of research before actually buying anything, no matter how tempting their products/prices may seem. Also, try to establish some form of communication, may it be an exchange of emails or phone calls. And when you do start buying from a supplier, always start out small, order just a few pieces or one unit if you can and use a safe payment method. This way if the deal goes sour you either just loss a few dollars or you can initiate a charge back.

By the way, what products are you interested in? Maybe we can help you search for more suitable suppliers.

Cheers! :)


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7 Nov 09 02:09:38 am
Link hidden: Login to view

the prices just seem WAY to low to be real.

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7 Nov 09 03:52:36 am
wow...surely they can't be real?? Those prices are really unbelievable....if they are real, I will be buying for sure haha

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8 Nov 09 02:16:35 am
I can't seem to access their website. Have a look at this related post:

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10 Nov 09 11:33:03 pm
So did anyone get any results with Link hidden: Login to view? Do you know if they are legit?

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11 Nov 09 12:41:33 am
? Do you know if they are legit?

I have not personally dealt with them, but Richelle made such a good point (see the full details above). Their website is only a few months old. Be very cautious when using a site with a domain name registered for less than a year. Genuine suppliers have usually been around for longer than that. Of course, this is not a guaranteed way of telling whether a supplier is good or bad but it's safe to deal with a supplier who has already been fully operational for quite some time.

It says on their website that they only offer PayPal as a payment option to customers who have been with them for a very long time or to customers who generally have large orders. The rest can pay by Western Union, Bank Transfers, or Money Gram. Not all wholesalers asking for payment via these methods are scammers, but this is the most common way scammers operate so unless you already have an established relationship with the supplier you should always err on the side of caution and always use a credit card or PayPal to purchase goods.

And more importantly, Helloyy.com is a Chinese supplier. I'm sure you've already heard a thing or two about sourcing brand name goods from China.


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